I'm an interface engineer who creates elegant & intuitive user experiences.

Superb User Centered Engineering

From initial concept to production deployment, I build innovative interfaces that delight users with their ease of use. Project requirements are identified from user research and communication with key stakeholders, then distilled into a plan. After using card sorting, whiteboarding, user stories, and other tools to model engaging interfaces, it's on to cohesive design and development strategies.

Talented Front-End Development

I create documented and tested production-level code that merges in-depth knowledge of some of the web's most essential technologies with the latest in development techniques. Proficient with frameworks, libraries, testing, build and deployment tools, I command the entire process from start to finish. Using the latest in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, I develop robust front-end interfaces.

Passion for Strategy & Interaction

Design and development aren't just day jobs to me; user experience is my passion. I love knowing that what I do helps people achieve their everyday goals. I have a voracious hunger for knowledge, and constantly seek out future trends. My passion has led me to consistently use innovative thinking to create dynamic, user-friendly interfaces using a wide variety of tools and techniques.

Pleasing things work better, are easier to learn, and produce a more harmonious result.

— Donald A. Norman, Ph.D.

I knew when I built my first web page that I was onto something significant. There was an unharnessed raw power in the simple lines of HTML, the open landscapes of CSS, and the fluidity of Javascript. Building for the web isn't only my profession, it's an obsession. From the latest developments in hardware to corporate level security, I'm constantly seeking to learn more.

I want to build the latest in interfaces, driven by research and designed for the user experience. I develop with modern Javascript frameworks and design tools for the next generation of experiences. I am a longtime associate of Fortune 50, award-winning agencies, and successful startups alike. An expert in online experiments and multi-stream data analysis, I have a strong background in versatile front-end solutions.

Whether it's built in React or from the ground up in-house, my varied background allows me to integrate easily into any development process. I work to create modular, reusable code and take pride in developing reliable software to handle the trickiest of challenges, in a minimum of time.

Experienced Front-End Development & Design


Built a survey that could handle bidirectional language input using asynchronous methods — three years before AJAX.

Creative Strategy Innovations

Integrated custom Adobe Analytics event tracking into three different front-end platforms for a Fortune 50 retailer site.

Proven Production Standards

Researched, prototyped, and built a user experience which pivoted a modest startup into a multi-million dollar company.

Exponential Growth Record