Jeni Grant

I am a user-centered designer and developer who creates elegant and intuitive user experiences.

  • Exceptional User Centered Design

    From initial concept to production deployment, I build innovative interfaces that delight users with their ease of use. Project requirements are identified from user research and communication with key stakeholders, then distilled into a plan, using card sorting, whiteboarding, user stories, and other tools to model engaging interfaces. After modeling, it’s on to cohesive design and development strategies to ensure that every feature is first-class.

  • Talented Front-End Development

    I create well-documented, production-level code that merge an in-depth understanding of some of the web’s most essential technologies with the latest in development techniques. Using responsive design, progressive enhancement, and the latest in HTML5, CSS3, and Javsacript, I develop robust front-end interfaces that degrade cleanly and seamlessly comply with accessibility initiatives like Section 508 and WAI-ARIA.

  • Passion for Strategy & Interaction

    Design and development aren’t just day jobs to me; user experience is my passion. I love knowing that what I do helps people achieve their everyday goals. I have a voracious hunger for knowledge, and constantly seek out future trends in technology. My passion has led me to consistently use innovative thinking to problem solve, storytell, and create dynamic, user-friendly interfaces using a wide variety of tools and techniques on every major computing platform.

“Pleasing things work better, are easier to learn, and produce a more harmonious result.”
— Donald A. Norman, Ph.D.

I was a teenager when I was first introduced to the world of human-computer interaction through Don Norman's seminal work, The Design of Everyday Things. The interconnection of social sciences with design and code was revelatory. I realized that with the advent of the Internet, humanity is at the intersection of a pivotal moment in time, where the echoes of my work and others will affect generations to come. I want to contribute to that in a way that preserves our human dignity and helps, in its own little way, to make the world a better place.

With every project, I start by analyzing the available resources and knowledge at hand. Through competitive analysis and stakeholder interviews I get to know your business, and your application through functional analysis, user surveys, and other methods of contextual inquiry. Together with other staff members, functional specifications and content requirements are developed and combined into a cohesive information and interaction architecture. Brand standards become design comps, which are then developed into responsive, full-functioning prototypes, ready to be implemented into existing software architecture. Each feature is validated, run through usability tests, and reiterated based on feedback gained during this evaluation phase before being deployed.

Real World Experience; Real World Results

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